Workshops EXONIA have made a specialty of the processes sets of containerisation.

Installation evaporation or distillation container, laying skid, container equipment, adaptation or custom manufacturing (*) modular chemical container or tailor we offer a very wide range to easily adjust our offer to your request.

The benefits of containerisation:

  • No building to construct.
  • No building permit.
  • significant decrease in the overall cost of the project.
  • Ease of implementation (pose raft concrete or asphalt, for example).
  • Decrease the footprint.

Indeed the furniture pressure in theindustry is becoming stronger.

Every square meter counts too containerization due to its compact design minimizing workspaces.

Improved energy efficiency through rationalization of distances and areas, imposed by this mode of production.

Possibility of work moduleBe mobilized at will and moved according to your desires and needs.

Easy installation and minimizing the response time on site.

Installation of equipment is reduced to its simplest expression, minimizing at the same time the impact of the site on your production.

Serviceability thanks to a design by a designer team working continuously in the field of maintenance.

Equipment Resale ease by its installation autonomy.

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