We put our knowledge and experience at your service to ensure a set of educational services covering areas as diverse as:

  • Study thermal and improving energy efficiency
  • Study ofevaporation and testing ofevaporation pilot on food
  • CMMS
  • study of distillation (single or split)
  • Sizing or validation dimensioningevaporator
  • Study ofimplantation
  • Zoning Study ATEX
  • Upgrading, revamping, setting installation compliance
  • Sizing and study of risk ATEX
  • Study ofintervention in hostile environment(in collaboration with the company TECHSUB)
  • Setting up a structure maintenance integrated
  • Installation Commissioning skid process
  • Study and reactor construction process
  • Carbon footprint (in collaboration with companies NETWORK ENVIRONMENT)

Our work environment is fully compatible AUTOCAD 3D ®
All of our studies are ATEX certified by an approved organization.