Leachate Evaporator LIXIPACK © 1200 EAL

The company EXONIA has just completed the commissioning of a leachate evaporation unit Sarthe (Le Mans).

Using the method © EAL LIXIPACK, The unit of power 1200 KW 1200 deals A1300 l / h Gross leachate.

The atmospheric emissions was found to comply with the prefectural site.

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The system works with hot water from a boiler PRODEVAL of equivalent power and using biogas site (40 to 51% of CH4).

The construction of the evaporator and the furnace lasted 2 and a half months and commissioning was completed 10 days later.

The evaporator Containerized was laid on concrete slab 12m x 9m, final consumption is 10 KW to 15 KW and the evaporator for the boiler and biogas booster.